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In 2012, a 40-year-old man from Saitama Prefecture was defrauded out of 1.37 million yen (~,200 USD) through Wing Net in exchange of 36 messages with a fake profile of Maeda.The site encouraged the victim to keep messaging the idol by saying she was nervous.

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Fake profiles for members of boy bands, such as EXILE and Arashi, were also created by the service and used in the same way.

Police have arrested the 38-year-old president of Shinjuku-based Free World on fraud charges after it was found out his dating site management company Wing Net allegedly had employees create fabricated profiles of entertainers under his direction.

There are discrepancies here and there in regard to sequential numbering and the associated manufacture/import years, which isn't unheard of, and could be for a variety of reasons not related to misinformation. AI12XXX-10/98-Black L/E box 3 mags, grips say 10-98. - thanks to tomhighway for discovering this) and it will fit perfectly in these P226 models that are in between the oldest and newest.

I've done my best to throw out as much junk as possible, while still keeping relevant information - some of which is quite redundant. -Stainless,40/357, Single SN, Grips marked 10-03 and 4-04AH23XXX-8/98-.357 Nitron finish AI11XXX-? Pardon the mediocre photo - oldest to newest - left to right: This message has been edited.

In July, the group released their next single "Typhoon Generation", which debuted at number three on the weekly singles chart with 256,510 copies sold and continued to chart for nine weeks before leaving the charts.


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