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There is a point system where certain girls require a certain amount of points to chat with. This is one of the latest additions to a series that portrays Japan "realistically," such as having accurate environments resembling real-life Japan, karaoke, arcades, and uhh this (). That's where the the game becomes a fantasy, though: it's not a sex shop and they're strict to the workers. Most notable however is the inclusion of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, the latest entry in the Virtua Fighter series (ignoring mobile titles). Wonder if this could create interest in a new game?

Maybe you can take Beat Takeshi, a famous Japanese comedian who will appear in the game, to the arcade with you.

There's a glaring flaw with modern video games that's staring us all in the face — something that we accept as normal only because it's always been that way: not being unable to play online games with friends across platforms.

For example: Every year, a new "Call of Duty" game comes out, and every year, millions of people buy that game.

I was heartbroken when my long term boyfriend told me he had cheated on me.