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On one hand this unique field of view allows you to be creative; on the other hand this kind of camera setting leaves no room for being careless with the clutter.

Make sure to either clear everything around the camera before filming or let the thing that has to be there blend in naturally with the environment.

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You agree not to use the Zoom Radar mobile or web map while driving or doing any activity that requires your attention or that could put your safety or the safety of others in jeopardy.

Until now, most video stabilization technology has been designed for videos with a narrow field-of-view — like traditional videos filmed using a smartphone — and it uses techniques that don’t extend well to 360 video.

As more people are shooting more immersive videos in real-life scenarios and sharing these moments with their friends, we decided to develop a new stabilization technology custom-designed for 360 video.

As these types of cameras become more prevalent, the range and volume of 360 content are also expanding, with people shooting 360 video in a variety of situations and environments.